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About Sherpa Brothers

About Sherpa Brothers

Sherpa Brothers is a trustworthy, legitimate, and fully registered trekking company under the government of Nepal with its corporate office located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The following list of Sherpa Brothers’ registered government sectors includes our Registration No.

  • Department of Tourism, Regd no 559/058
  • Company Register, Regd no 10348/055/56
  • Department of Tax, Regd no 500193792
  • Department of Cottage and Small Industries, Regd no 2093/302

Beside above SBT is associated with

Sherpa Brothers is enthusiastic about sharing our culture and values with our customers and is deeply committed to the preservation of the Sherpa language and culture. All trek, tour, and climbing leaders and guides employed by SBT are highly skilled, reliable, physically fit, and experienced. The Nepalese government’s tourism ministry has fully licensed them. They also promise to give you a glimpse into their village and culture and treat every customer like a member of their own family.

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