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Why With SBT ?

Why With SBT ?

Get in touch with one of our team members to begin organizing your Himalayan trip.

100% Tailor made

Make an enjoyable trip according to your time and within a reasonable budget.

Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements.

Choose the route you want, the date you want and the options you want.

Create the perfect trip with our professionals and specialized knowledge.

Our consultants for adventure travel have all hiked in the Himalayas and visited the region.

You will work with the same advisor throughout the planning process.

A certified trek, tour, and climbing guide focuses on safety with first responders.

Daily monitoring of pulse and oxygen saturation.

All emergency support during the entire journey.

99% of trips are successful, and customers are satisfied.

Professional, licensed, and experienced mountain guides.

Honest, hardworking, and team-oriented support staff.

Make the difference between a good guide and an excellent one.

Why you Plan your Trek, Tour and Climbing With Us ?
Our mission is to ensure that every one of our clients has a safe and enjoyable Himalayan trekking experience. To accomplish this, we organize our own group trip, allowing us to control every aspect of your trip. We don’t just take your booking for trek then assign your delight and safety to another party. We guarantee a fun trek if you make a trip reservation with us.

The true benefit for you is that you have the best chance of having a wonderful trip in the Himalaya. If you read our testimonials, you will noticed that our clients had a lot of fun while trekking with us.

All of our team are licensed well experience and are able to provide you with first hand service on all aspects of planning a trip.

We offer both private and open group trips. Whichever option you select, our costs for the tour, hike, and peak climbing include everything you could possibly need—with the exception of personal items and airfare. No hidden extras.

Trekking with SBT Sherpa Brothers Treks and Expedition Pvt.Ltd is a personalized and customized experience. Your choice of date to trek, your choice of route and options, your own dedicated team and as a result the highest success rate of all trips to Himalaya. Suitable for a family or group of friends planning a Himalayan hiking trip together.

Sherpa Brothers Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd in an open group: this is great for those who want the company of others while they trek in Himalaya Nepal. Every day is an opportunity to begin your journey. They are guaranteed to run /operate with a minimum of 1 to 2 individuals and are limited to a maximum of 10 to 16. Particularly popular EBC Trek, ABC Trek, Manaslu Trek, Poon Hill Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, EBC Heli Tour and Hiking around Kathmandu valley are our open dates run every day and month, except trip to certain regions during rainy months is impossible.

How do we always get fantastic feedback from clients who trek with us ?
We are Tour Operators and Not Travel Agents.: Many factors contribute to our high success rate when clients trek with us, but as previously stated, the key is that we operate our own treks and climbs, and we control every detail. We are the best specialist trekking companies in Nepal.

Nothing but the best: We use the best equipment available for each trek, including hotels in Kathmandu and tea houses along the trail that guarantee you will eat plenty of healthy food, maintain a highly qualified guide to client ratio, and—most importantly—we only employ the best guides to assist you during your mountain trek.
Specialists as well as Experts: All our staff has grown up at an altitude of 3500m since they were children. They are all well-versed in altitude trekking techniques, including dealing with weather, geographical terrain, and AMS. They have done it so many times that they are intimately familiar with the Himalayan landscape.
Bespoke Trip Program: We assist you in designing your own ideal trip, complete with the dates, itinerary, and extras you desire all without compromising.
Fantastic Trek, Tour, Climbing, Heli Tour, Rafting and Safari Trip Packages: We can combine your trip with.

Absolute Flexibility: We will reschedule your trip at no additional cost to you if you need to shift your travel schedule.