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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Sherpa Brothers is committed to responsible tourism through policies and practices which permeate all aspects of our business. We take pride in ensuring that all our holidays are undertaken in a way which is socially, environmentally and culturally aware. Responsible Tourism remains of the highest importance in everything we do as a holiday operator.
We feel strongly that all our holidays should benefit local communities, protect the environment, preserve heritage and respect local customs and beliefs. With this outlook we hope to help preserve the beautiful and unspoiled places we visit.
We recognise that Responsible Tourism is about more than just policies. It involves giving something back towards the communities.


All Sherpa Brothers Ltd. staff members began their education at the primary school in the remote Sherpa village of Loding.

The school has now upgraded to offer secondary education alongside the primary school. Some students at Shree Peekay school are from poor backgrounds and sadly find themselves unable to continue their education because of financial pressures in the family. This is often in spite of a student’s academic capabilities.

Sherpa Brothers contributes financial support to allow for scholarships for bright students unable to afford their education. This initiative has influenced some of our clients in the past to offer similar support.

Today 9 students in the following photographs are getting full financial scholarship, dress and books to help further their education. Some of our valuable clients have offered support for up to 5 years to individual students so that they are in the position to do something worthwhile with their lives.

Porter care

Porters plays a vital role in making our holidays enjoyable. The adventurous treks and climbing are unimaginable without porters. Health and safety of porters is very important to us, the porters working under Sherpa Brothers are well equipped and insured. This how we believe to make a happy holiday.

In 2010, Medex UK and Porter progress UK  collected the  data regard to the treatment and well being of porters in Nepal.  Two staffs from Sherpa Brothers  actively participated to collect the data at Marpha and Muktinath with Medex and Porter Progress volunteer members. Details of this .

In 2012 Sherpa Brothers again helped in translating the questionnaire form from English to Nepali script, printing and collecting the porter morality data. Details of this link.

Earthquake relief aid from Sherpa Brothers Treks 

As the massive earthquake severely damaged the village, Furba from Sherpa Brothers assisted in providing relief aid to the residents of the Sindupalchok area. Ten sleeping bags, ten mattresses, and ten tents were provided by Sherpa Brothers.

The second destructive earthquake, which also hit parts of eastern Nepal, caused 90% of the damage in our own village of Loding. As soon as the earthquake occurred, Furba Sherpa of the Sherpa Brothers carried relief supplies and distributed them to those in need in his own region. Sherpa Brothers Treks provided assistance with the relief effort, with help from our family members and customers. Sherpa Brothers distributed 45 Tarpaulin, which was worth building temporary Shelter immediately.

Due to the earthquake, it presented a problem to Pikey Secondary School students by destroying their study room. Temporary learning facilities were built for Peekay Secondary School students in order to maintain regular class schedules as soon as the earthquake occurred. A group of former Peekay School students donated money, which was used to build the shelter. Furba from Sherpa Brothers donated financial support to the school’s headmaster as an ex-student.

Responsible Tourism