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What are the health benefit of Trekking and Hiking?

What are the health benefit of Trekking and Hiking?

What are the health benefit of Trekking and Hiking?

Trekking and hiking offer numerous benefits for both physical and mental well-being. Firstly, engaging in these activities allows you to improve and provide a great cardiovascular workout such as a reduced risk of heart disease, improved blood pressure and sugar levels, and of course, it helps you manage your weight, improve endurance, strengthen muscles, and enhance overall fitness levels. Additionally, these activities allow individuals to connect with nature, reduce stress levels, and promote mental clarity. Moreover, trekking and hiking also offer the opportunity to explore new landscapes, distinct cultural experiences, appreciate breathtaking views, various methods of living and create lasting impressions while enjoying the great outdoors.


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What kind of food can we order on trek ?

There will be a variety of home-cooked meal options available during the trek, including traditional dishes from the region you are trekking in. These meals are carefully prepared by experienced cooks using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to ensure both taste and nutrition.

The following items are regularly found on the trek menu at each mountain tourist guest house:


tea coffee 1
tea and coffee
Toast bread

Tea and coffee items; Black tea, Milk Tea, Lemon tea, Hot Lemon, Ginger Tea, Masala Tea, Jasmine Tea, Black Coffee, Milk Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Hot and Soup items; Tomato Soup, Vegetable Soup, Mushroom Soup, Chicken Soup, Chicken -, Mushroom Soup, Onion Soup, Garlic Soup, Potato Soup, pumpkin soup French Onion Soup, Mix Soup (Veg, Chicken, Mushroom, Cheese), Noodle Soup, Egg-Veg-Noodle Soup

Potato items;    Boiled Potato, Fried Potato, Fried Potato with Veg., Fried Potato with egg Top, Fried Potato with cheese, veg & Egg, Potato Chips, French fry, Massed Potato, Potato bread

Noodle items; Fried Noodle, fried Noodle with veg, fried noodle with egg, fried noodle with cheese, mix Fried Noodle (Veg, Cheese, Chicken, Egg)

Pizza and pasta; Tomato cheese pizza, Cheese Veg Tomato Pizza, Salami Pizza, Mushroom Pizza, Tuna Pizza, Mix Pizza, Spaghetti cheese, macaroni cheese, lazani cheese

Noodle with soup; Veg Thukpa soup, Veg Egg Thukpa soup, chicken Thukpa soup, Nepali Rara noddle soup with veg / egg,

Mo. Mo and dumpling items; Veg mo:mo, chicken mo:mo, Mix Mo:Mo( Veg, Cheese, Egg), Tuna mo . mo, cheese mo .mo

Nepali Traditional Special; Dhalbat Rice serve with (boiled rice, dhal lentil soup, vegetable, Pickle, Papad , Salad)

Rice and with other items; Veg curry with rice, chicken Curry with rice, egg curry with rice, veg fried rice chicken fried rice, veg/ egg fried rice, Mix Fried Rice, egg fried rice


veg fried noodles

 Egg and omelet items; Boiled Egg, Fried Egg, Scrambled Egg, Poached Egg, Omelet plain, Veg Omelet, Cheese Omelet, tomato omelet, Mixed omelet

Bread and pancake items; plain pancake or with Jam/honey/Butter, Apple Pancake, lemon sugar pancake, plain Chapati or with jam/honey/butter, Toast Plain or with jam/honey/butter, Tibetan bread Plain or with Jam/ butter/Honey

Porridge, flacks and Muesli items; Muesli milk with fruit, Muesli with milk, corn flacks with milk, Granola with milk, Porridge with Milk, Plain Porridge, porridge with fruits / apple/ banana

Meat items; chicken Sizzler, Chicken Curry, Chicken Steak, Yak Steak.


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